What to put on a letterhead

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“What do I need to put on my letterheads?” This is one of the most frequently asked questions at Essential Print Services.

After many years of creating artwork files for print, we have seen hundreds of letterhead proofs, which means we have a good idea of what needs to go on them!

Using this experience, here are our three top tips on what to include on your letterheads.

1) If your company is a Limited entity, you must display your Company Registration Number, the registered office address (if it’s different to the trading one) and the full legal entity (i.e. our official business name is; Essential Print Services (Derby) Ltd).

2) Some people include VAT numbers because they use their letterheads for invoices, but a VAT is not compulsory.

3) It’s best practice to include a landline and a generic email address. Using mobile numbers and Gmail accounts won’t give the best first impression.

But what else?

As well as content, there are a few other aspects to consider. Firstly, you should consider how many copies you need. Buying more letterheads than you actually need is a false economy. You’re denying yourself the opportunity to refresh your design and update information if required.

Secondly, we recommend our 120g wove paper, which gives a fantastic finish. This is suitable to run through your office printers and looks great. However, we do offer other papers too!

If you already have your letterhead design and you’d like advice, email it to us and we’ll take a look for you – no obligation!

If you’d like to see samples of our letterhead paper or would like a price list, simply call the Print Angels on 01332 418377 for a FREE swatch pack.

Are you wondering about business cards too? We have a super detailed blog about what to include on your business cards here.

How to build better business relationships

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There are lots of ways to get to know your customers better.

Here are our favourite ways to get to know customers. Take a look and if you try some out yourself, let us know how you get on.

  • Attend customers’ product launches, socials and events.
  • Instead of always liaising over the phone or email, meet them for a coffee to discuss projects or just for an informal chat.
  • Ask about their day or weekend. You might discover you share the same hobby.
  • Invite them to your networking events and business seminars.
  • Ask for feedback on your products and services.
  • Connect with clients on social media and you’ll gain an insight into their lives.


Our Print Evangelist said, “after taking part in the Chatsworth 10k run, I noticed on Facebook that a customer had been there too. When I got back to the office, I dropped her a line to see how she got on. This provided some common ground – something to talk about other than work, which I think is really important. I think people appreciate some light relief in their work day. Since then, we’ve organised to go for lunch to discuss our running experiences and race calendar.

Another client often posts photographs on social media of their dog. I love dogs so, whenever I see or speak to them, I always ask how they are first and then, “how’s Sid?” (their dog). I’ve even offered to dogsit!”

Our Artwork Avenger, Lee, said, “product and event support is key. I think a great example is when we attend our own customers’ events. Most recently and to name just a few examples, we’ve attended a customer’s open garden event, we make a concerted effort to spend money at our clients’ restaurants and shops and we get involved with charity events and fundraising.”

So what are you waiting for? Go that extra mile and see where it takes you and your business.

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Why it is easier to approve printed proofs

Posted on: July 14th, 2017 by Yvonne Gorman No Comments

Here at Essential Print Services, we love receiving printed newsletters in the post, especially from ‘Keep Me Posted’ – a campaign that allows the consumer to choose how they receive important information from big organisations.

Check out three of our favourite facts from the newsletter:
1) Reading from paper requires 21% less mental effort than from a screen.
2) 83% state a clear preference for reading complicated documents on paper.
3) Almost 1 in 10 adults (4.8m) UK adults have never used the internet.

Going back to point no. 1; some of our clients do struggle to proof read their flyers and brochures on-screen. You must have experienced this at some point yourself, especially when you’re tired or distracted.

Recently, we had a call from a lady who’d like 50 copies of a 200-page book printing – this is not a problem for Essential Print Services. We can print books of all shapes and sizes. Using our client’s word document, we also helped them create print-ready files for the text and the cover.

When it came to proofing the PDF, we found that after each proof, the client spotted more and more things, even though they had supplied the artwork themselves. How could this be?

From reading the ‘Keep Me Posted’ newsletter, we now understand why this was happening – the client had never printed out the pages.

Who would? There are 200 A5 sheets in this printed book. Not many people are going to print 200 sheets at home or in the office, certainly not all at once.

Our lovely new customer was obviously finding it difficult to read all of their text on-screen. Once we recognised this, we decided to produce a printed proof, free of charge* so they could spend some quality time having a proper read. They were so grateful and made future amendments so much easier.

The moral of the story is; printed proofs may cost money to produce, but, the job will cost even more if errors remain unnoticed and you have to print it twice!

Here are some hints and tips on how to approve a proof read >>> “How to approve a proof”

If you need help with a new or existing project, get in touch. Call 01332 418377, email printangels@essentialprintservices.co.uk or chat to us online.

(*Whenever possible, we do offer free printed proofs. If the printed proofs require specialist finishes or papers, we will ask for a contribution towards the costs).

A word from our nerd

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Technology and small businesses often don’t mix. Company owners are busy enough without the hassle of setting up or fixing their own computers. So, we’ve asked our friend, Owen Conti from Code 56, to share his hints and tips with you:

Last month we helped out a customer who came to us with a laptop that suddenly wouldn’t turn on, and asked us to take a look at it. They also let us know that they didn’t have a backup.

Unfortunately, it wasn’t good news for their laptop (economically, there was nothing we could do), but the silver lining was that we could recover the information for them.

In other cases, we’ve not been able to recover information, and that is why backups are so critical.

The idea of backing up files often conjures up ideas of jobs that take hours to run and loads of extra storage space somewhere. This doesn’t always have to be the case.

In our earlier example, there was only 1 folder that our customer really cared about; it represented months of work and would be impossible to replicate from scratch. For this customer, a great way to back this up would’ve been to keep a copy (and we’ll come back to that) in something like their OneDrive or DropBox account. Often these will come with a small amount of space for free (2 – 5GB), which would’ve been ample for this example. This way a copy of their files would’ve sync’d to their account and they could recover it just by logging in from another computer.

The trick is to make sure you actually have multiple copies though. Having your “working version” in DropBox (or similar) and sync’d on two computers is a step in the right direction, but if something happened to your account (we’ve seen people have some bizarre account issues before) you might lose access to your files in a recovery scenario. We always recommend at least 3 copies be kept for something to be considered “backed up”. (Some Photographers we know keep a minimum of 5 copies of everything!)

Essentially, a good backup strategy is one that focuses on what is really important in a “recovery” scenario and maintaining multiple copies of those items.

That sounds quite daunting, and a bit of a headache to keep track of, but there are some really good applications out there that take care of backing everything up for you with minimal effort. Some of them are even built into your computer: in Windows 10 just search for “Backup Settings”, and on Mac OS look for “Time Machine”.

By all means, if you have any questions or would like some help, please feel free to get in touch. Simply drop the Print Angels an email and they’ll make the introduction.

What have Teresa May & Dionne Warwick have in common?

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In the run-up to the election, Essential Print Services’ owner, Yvonne Gorman, was asked to attend a political party rally at Pride Park Stadium. She soon realised that our Prime Minister, Theresa May, would be there too! “Although I remain political unbiased, it was still an honour to meet her,” said Yvonne.


Never to miss an opportunity, Yvonne networked with other attendees and met a student from the University of Derby and a couple who own businesses in Derby’s Market Hall. “Not only did I get to meet our PM that evening, I walked away with more quality contacts and listened to issues that other small business owners are facing,” added Yvonne.

Yvonne also travelled to London mid-week to attend the launch of the David Gest Foundation. Yvonne, a Trustee of Me & Dee Charity was there to support charity founder, Maria Hanson MBE. Maria had been invited to talk, on-stage, in front of a packed room, to share her stories about the late David Gest.

There was a whole host of famous faces including Freda Payne, Sheila Ferguson, Gwen Dickey and Rose Royce but one, in particular, left Yvonne star struck; Dionne Warwick.

“I love her music. My Dad used to play her songs to send me to sleep when I was a baby and as I grew up, I’ve been a big fan. I couldn’t believe that someone who felt so far away and who I thought I’d never meet, was standing next to me for most of the evening,” Yvonne explained.

We’re unsure just how to wrap up this blog post – it’s been quite an experience for Yvonne. We’re just very excited about who she might meet next – stay tuned.

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