Direct Mail Campaigns, Mailshots and Personalised Print

56% of people believe that printed marketing is the most trusted of all communication channels (source: The Drum).



Royal Mail’s advertising campaign sums up the power of direct mail really well; “there’s 459 TV stations, 728 radio stations, 55 million websites and only one letterbox!”

People are bombarded with online advertising. Social media notifications pinging on their phones, junk mail in their inbox and remarketing campaigns following you around the web. With all this digital noise, a good piece of print can cut through all this and make something digital feel tangible and real. Readers trust information in print more than when its read in digital form. Blogs and web pages can be changed too easily, whereas companies who print their information are seen as committing themselves to the information they print.

When a well executed and considered piece of printed collateral lands on your desk or through your letterbox, it’ll make you feel valued. After all, to get that printed piece of direct mail to you, someone has invested their time, effort and money. You’ll certainly feel more valued and more likely to purchase.

Let’s get personal!
If you personalise a mailshot or digitally printed direct mail campaign you’re more likely to get a response or prompt someone to take action?

Using data that you supply to us, we can digitally print your prospects’ name and address straight onto printed invitations, newsletters or full-colour flyers to name but a few. We can even personalise images and messages within the content to suit the reader’s likes and dislikes. Making it personal will ensure the recipient is more likely to read the literature that you’ve invested time and money in.

Not sure where to find data?

Data can be taken from your accounts software, a customer relationship management (CRM) system or a mailing list that your contacts have subscribed to. It can be as simple as taking a pile of business cards and compiling an excel spreadsheet. If you need help with compiling, finding or buying data – just ask!

Signed, sealed, delivered
Using an advertising postage licence, we can not only print your mailers, personalise them with your client and prospect data, but we can post them on your behalf too.

We’ve recently teamed up with a leaflet distribution company to provide a really competitively priced mail drop service to Derby and the surrounding areas.

Print and Deliver – it’ll save you money and your time.
Using our new service will get your marketing collateral on the desks and in the homes of your potential new clients as well as reminding existing customers to work with you again.


Here are some examples of how this service can help:

  • 1) If you’d like a couple of hundred flyers printing and posting to Pride Park businesses and/or to all those on Stores Road – we can do that!
  • 2) If you need a few thousand flyers printing and respectfully delivering to homes in Mickleover or any other of Derby’s many boroughs – we can do that!
  • 3) If you need your mailers sending further afield, our advertising postage licence allows us to print your flyers & send them out on your behalf.

All this will leave you to carry on making money whilst we do all the work for you.


Make your next campaign more fulfilling!
If you have multiple items to be mailed such as a letter and printed brochure, we can ‘pick and pack’ all that for you and even despatch it inappropriate packaging on your behalf.

For instance, we recently handled an order for one of our clients whereby we printed an A4 price list, an A4 glossy brochure, an A4 personalised letter and enclosed it in a C4 printed envelope. We used the client’s data to send one of each of these items to 600 of their contacts. The client simply agreed with the price and supplied the files – we did everything else for them. We let the client know when the packages would arrive so they could start a follow-up telephone campaign.

This fulfilment service will ensure your direct mail campaign will arrive safely and in a presentable, professional manner. It saves you time, money and resources.

When it comes to direct mail or preparing any distribution of printing, it is similar to a lot of things in business; the more effort you put in, the more you’ll receive in return. By working with business owners, marketing departments or sole traders, we ensure that whatever you decide to have printed with us, it will be the best print for the job.

We can get involved with your printed mail shots, one-piece mailers and direct mail from concept to completion or at any point along the way where you find you may need help.

Talking to us about your essential marketing literature will ensure every penny you spend on printing will work hard for your business. Call now on 01332 418377 or email


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