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Folders are great tools if your company provides your clients with important paperwork. A Financial Advisor may find corporate folders useful for issuing policies that their customer must retain for their records. If you’re a company with many departments, products or services, folders are a great way to accommodate different flyers, leaflets and other literature.

If your product information frequently changes, rather than print a brochure that may go out of date, folders with a series of printed inserts can give you more flexibility.

The most popular sizes are A4+ and A5+ in portrait orientation. Custom printed folders are available in landscape too, which in some instances might suit your corporate brand better.

Printed Folder Options:

Two examples of printed presentation folders

Just two examples of many ways we can print your presentation folders.

Glued Pocket. This is where the folder is cut out of the cardboard and a tab is glued to secure the pocket in place. This means the folder is all made up and ready to use. This is the most timesaving option but be sure you have enough storage available – boxed folders can take up a lot of room.

If you would like to buy more to take advantage of the low unit costs, but don’t have the room, ask about out low cost storage facility.

Glued pockets can be a little more money than other options because they need to be glued and assembled by hand. This is known as ‘handwork’. The more you order, the longer that’ll take.

Interlocking/Self-Assembly: In this instance, the folder is still cut out of the cardboard but the pocket is not glued. Instead, a tab and a slit are cut out too allowing you to assemble the printed folder yourself. This can be great for storage but not if you have hundreds to assemble. This option is good for low quantity folders (50-250) or when you’re trying to reduce costs.

Capacity: How much literature does your presentation folder need to store? If it is quite a bit (15 sheets of 90g paper or more) then consider 5mm capacity in your folder. This can increase the price because there will be more handwork involved.

Lamination: Just like our printed business card range, printed folders can be laminated too! Choose from matt, gloss or soft touch lamination. Laminating your presentation folders will make them very durable – perfect if they will be handled quite a bit. Do you need them laminating on both sides or just on the outer? Laminating just the outer side can reduce the cost if you’re printing high volumes (1000+).

Will the pocket be printed? Some printing companies will produce a bulk stock of non-printed, blank pockets to reduce costs. This way, all they need to do print your bespoke outer pages and glue the white pocket in place. There is nothing wrong with this but if your design is ink heavy on the inside pages, the blank white pocket may look odd. This option can sometimes make the end result look cheap.

A few more essential top tips for Presentation Folders:

+ Folders are an investment, so avoid including information that will give them a shelf life.

+ Wherever possible, include business card slits, especially ones that will complement the orientation of your business cards (i.e portrait or landscape). Be sure to find out where the business card slits are positioned – will the slits cover up any important information on your existing business card?

+ Make them useful; for example solicitors, estate agents, training centres and financial advisors would find folders useful because they can encourage tenants to keep all the necessary paperwork in the same place – their folder, thus reinforcing their corporate brand.

If you would like to discuss the possibility of using folders for your business, call 01332 418377 or email info@essentialprinting.co.uk and we’ll be delighted to talk through the most cost effective options.

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"I asked Essential Print Services to produce some promotional folders. The end result is fantastic. High quality product and great value. Thanks again for all your hard work."
Cocoon Group, Derby

“Really impressed with the Folders and Business Cards, thanks a lot.”
Dovedale Fleet Logistics, Derbyshire

“The folder looks very professional and has enough space inside to place sheets and reports so it is very multifunctional. Taking the time to really sit back and decide what we wanted has allowed us to create not only the folder but the look and feel to apply to all our marketing literature. I really do feel that we now have a consistent branding which we can roll out going forward. So thanks for your help.”
Telecoms Company, Derby

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