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If the design, content and message are done well, then flyer printing, leaflet printing and mailers can really enhance your marketing mix – they are a very cost-effective way to promote your business.

If you would like to hear what Adam from EHN thought about the printed leaflets that we produced for him recently, check out our blog post.

What’s the difference?

Flyers tend to be distributed by hand, or placed in areas where people can take a copy. Their messages are more like “hooks” – a quick advertising message to encourage the reader to take action. Flyers can be printed on a variety of papers and boards. The heavier the material, the more like ‘quality’ it’ll feel. Have a think about your target market – if your clients are likely to spend lots of money with you, then invest in a really good quality printed board. 

Dare to be different; would a shaped mailer help you stand out from the crowd? If so, for a little more investment, have your mailers cut to shape. We use a hot air balloon graphic as part of our marketing so we have a batch of flyers cut out to a balloon shape – it’s a great talking point and certainly makes the mailer more memorable.

Leaflets are folded and contain informative messages. They are designed to be retained for future reference like a price list for example. Leaflets can be enclosed in an envelope, maybe with an accompanying printed letter.

Dare to be different. The way a leaflet is folded can achieve some really interesting effects. DL sized tri-fold leaflets are popular but why not retain the tri-fold, but consider a different size; an A5 or a square size perhaps?  Also, consider the orientation of the leaflet – simply by rotating the leaflet can create a real eye-catching printed piece.

We can fold printed leaflets in a multitude of ways. This diagram demonstrates just some of the options:

Folded Leaflets Leaflet-Folds

Mailers can be more imaginative and creative. They tend to be printed onto a heavyweight board and posted directly to a database without being enclosed in an envelope.

The term,’ one-piece mailer’ refers to a folded leaflet, which has been printed with the recipients’ name, address and postage licence. To secure the leaflet so it goes through postage route without damage, the opening is sealed with moistening gum or a clear sticker.

At Essential Print Services, it doesn’t matter what your budget or the quantity – we can print as little as 25 or as many as 250,000!

If you need help with creating a campaign or would like to run an idea past us, just give us a call – we’d love to have a chat. If you don’t have an in-house design department or need some help with artwork and graphic design – just ask.  We can be your design agency too!

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  1. Hi, do you print own designs? If so how much would it cost me to print an A5 High Gloss paper leaflet on both sides? For about 200 copies? How long does it take to have them ready?
    Thanks please reply as soon as you can.

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