What types of printing do you offer?
There are two methods of printing that we use the most and that we do really well: Lithographic and Digital printing.

Litho printing is suited for higher volumes and physically large items. For instance, we print presentation folders this way because, with their large pockets and large flat size, they typically cannot fit on a digital press. We would also use Lithographic printing for a 10,000 letterhead order or 100,000 flyer job. The Litho press also comes into play when clients would like special inks (i.e. Pantone colours) printed on their job. This process allows us to print superb quality jobs, at high volumes, at the best possible price.

Digital printing is great for when you need something quickly or not very many of them. We would also use digital printing when something needs personalising, like invitations or a direct mail campaign.  When we say quickly, we mean quick. Some products can be printed in 48 hours. We would also use digital printing when a client would like 100 business cards or 50 brochures. The digital print facility allows us to provide clients with low quantities at low prices.

Digital printing also allows us to print things really big such as roll-up banners, pop up display stands, banners for outdoor events and all types of signage.

And that’s where our 14 years of print experience comes into play. Knowing what method of printing will suit the project and most importantly, what’s going to be the most effective; most effective as in ‘get results’ and most effective, money-wise. Call us now on 01332 418377 and let us quote you for your next print project.

Do you print anything else other than flyers, stationery etc?
Yes! To complement our commercial printing we also print promotional items like mousemats, USB sticks, mugs, pens to name but a few.  You can find out more by visiting our Promotional Items page or by calling 01332 418377.

Printing signs for offices and exhibition stands are our best selling products. This proves not only do we advise on the best solutions for our clients, but we are very competitive too. Talk to us about your print plan for your next exhibition and event. Perhaps you, or someone you know, is planning to move office, we can help with making the most of the smallest (or largest) signage areas.

What are your opening times?
We deal with many companies of all different shapes and sizes, so at Essential Print Services, we know that we need to fit the needs of our clients and work around them. Our normal office hours are Monday-Friday, 8.30am-5.30pm. However, if at 9pm at night, something should dawn on you; perhaps you’ve run out of business cards or you suddenly realise you have an event in a few days and you have nothing to use for promoting your business, don’t worry. Simply send us an email at info@essentialprinting.co.uk, use our contact form, or even send us a text to 07809 361708 and we’ll be in touch very soon.

Can you help with ideas?
Some clients contact us with no idea what they need. All they know is that they need to market their company – this is no problem for us. After a brief brainstorming session, an action plan is soon formed. Often a client will ask us to get involved in the conceptual stage to ensure their ideas are going to print well and that the end result will be what they expected. Other clients, who have already worked out a print strategy for themselves, will provide us with a print-ready file – ready to go. Either way, call us on 01332 418377 and we will work with you at any stage of your print project.

I have an idea, but can you help with artwork?
Yes, simply call us for a chat over the phone or to arrange a face-to-face meeting. This initial conversation will determine what is involved and what is required from both parties to ensure the print project is a success. We would then give you costings to create your artwork and advise you on schedules.

The sky’s the limit so call 01332 418377 now let us bring your ideas to life.

When I supply artwork to you, how do I know it’s OK for printing?
Before anything goes to print, a 12-Point Artwork Check is carried out to ensure your file is going to print correctly. Unlike some print companies, this is done free of charge. The 12-Point Artwork Check includes spotting any low-resolution files, any discrepancies in fonts and type, checking if the file has enough ‘bleed’ as well as simple things that can often get overlooked such as, ‘is the file the right size’? If any of our checks highlight a problem, we will bring any issues to your attention during the proof stage.

If you need help or assistance with making your files print-ready, simply call our studio team on 01332 418377 and we will more than happy to talk you through it.

Will I see a proof before you go to print?
Yes! A PDF proof is always emailed for you to approve before we go to print. This process makes sure that your print work will look the bees’ knees because if your print work looks good, we look good. For more complex print jobs, we often produce a printed proof or mock-up, which gives both parties the confidence that the job will be produced correctly. Both PDF and printed proofs, are also a great chance for you to look at your job again with fresh eyes. To approve your proof, simply email us with the word ‘Approved’ somewhere in the message to info@essentialprinting.co.uk

What do I do if I’m unhappy with the work?
Every job goes through rather a lot of checks during its time with us. We have a 12-Point Artwork Check before the print has even started. Once on the press, your work is put through another round of checks and then during the finishing and packing stages, your print work goes through a quality control procedure.

So even after all that, if you’re not happy, for whatever reason with the end result, just tell us. At Essential Print Services, we would be mortified if a client wasn’t happy and said nothing. All we ask is that you tell us about any problems within 48 hours of receiving the job.

Firstly, pick up the phone, call us on 01332 418377 and we will do all we can to put it right – after all, it’s our reputation on the line. If in the unlikely event that you’re still not happy, drop us a line at info@essentialprinting.co.uk and we will you assure you that we will treat every grievance fairly.

We do ask you to check jobs when they are delivered and sign for them on the Delivery Note, but we understand that you are busy people and jobs are often checked more thoroughly once back at your desk.

How do I pay you?
Our preferred payment method is Bank Transfer. At an appropriate stage in the print project, we will send you an invoice, which includes our bank details. We may have to wait for funds to clear before despatching your order.

Debit and Credit Card; We have a secure card payment facility for those clients who wish to pay by debit or credit card. There is no charge for using your debit card, however, there is a 2% charge for using your credit card. We will make you aware of any charges before we take your payment.

Credit; Companies who intend to place quite a bit of printing with us, may wish to apply for a 28-day credit account. Before your first order is despatched, we may need to wait for the account to be approved, so you may be asked to pay via an alternative method for the first order. After that – we’re in business! To apply for our account facility, please email accounts@essentialprintservices.co.uk and we will email you an easy-to-complete form.

Whatever method you prefer, we look forward to doing business with you.

Once I’ve paid for my job, how will I receive it?
If the delivery address is within a 15-mile radius of our office (DE24 8AN), then you won’t have to lift a finger. We will gladly deliver it for you, completely FREE of charge. If you would like us to deliver the job ‘under plain cover’ please let us know.

If you prefer to collect your order, again, this is no problem. We will keep you updated about your order’s progress and when it’s ready, you will receive an email, text or call.

Whether you collect or we deliver, each delivery will be accompanied by a delivery note. We ask you to check the job and if you’re happy, we ask you to sign the note, not only to prove you’ve received it, but the print work looks great!

If in doubt, just give us a shout
If you have, what you consider to be an ‘odd’ enquiry, just contact us and if we don’t print it, we will know someone who will. So anything from printed postal tubes and badges, through to duplicate forms and wall planners, if you have a print need, EPS will succeed. So put us to the test, call now on 01332 418377.