Amazing Review for Derby’s Print Angels

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“Great service from Yvonne at Essential Print Services. The quality and finish of my new business cards and flyers is superb. Highly recommended and will definitely be using Essential Print Services in the future. The Jelly Beans were a nice touch too!”

Pat, Book Keeping ServiceDerby

Every time we receive a testimonial, it’s like a virtual hug.

We remain the most reviewed Derby Printer on Google with top scores. Have you visited our Google+ Page recently?

To read just some of our many reviews visit

If you’d like to exceptional service, just like Pat, call 01332 418377.

6 Super Print Tips

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1) Printing is like chocolate – make it last and enjoy it
If you’re going to invest time and money in producing a brochure or leaflet, don’t include information that may give it a short shelf life unless the piece is being produced for a one-off event. Avoid ordering hundreds of brochures only to change your telephone number a couple of weeks later.

2) Design & text – Less is more
Unless you’re printing a fact sheet or catalogue, let imagery and graphics do all the talking and keep text to a minimum. From our experience, customers prefer to browse and look at pretty pictures than reading endless amounts of text.

3) Pictures paint a thousand words
Just because you have a camera, doesn’t make you David Bailey. If your images are poor quality, choose a professional. This will save you time and achieve the best results. If you don’t know any good photographers, we know plenty!

4) Show me the paper! Request samples.
Any credible print company will be happy to provide you with paper samples free of charge. We have our very own swatch books, which are available free of charge, you simply need to ask us for one.

If your order is being digitally printed, then most of the time, you can request a printed mockup on the actual stock before you go to print. This way, there are no nasty surprises. Sometimes, there might be a small fee for this but if your order is worth a lot to you, then it will be well worth it.

5) Order the essentials
Essential Print Services was created on the firm belief that you should only use and order what you need. OK, it doesn’t cost that much more to get double the quantity. But if you don’t send out the extras, then they are a false economy. It makes us very sad when we hear people say, “I ordered 1000 flyers but 500 are sitting in a cupboard and are now out of date”.

6) There is no such thing as a silly question
If you’ve received a quotation and you’re unsure about the weight of paper or technical information, ask! Be certain about what you will receive. There’s nothing more disappointing than working hard on a lovely looking leaflet and expecting it to arrive on a heavy card but, it arrives on paper.

If you need advice or ideas, now or in the future, call us. We’d be delighted to talk to you or your contacts. What may be daunting or boring for you, is fun and exciting for us. So, make our day – and give me a call on 01332 418377.

Derby Printer has eggsellent month!

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We’re having an eggsellent month

We have been very busy here at Essential Print Services HQ and so, we have lots of news to share with you…let’s get cracking!

We’ve had a special delivery of our very own Essential Easter eggs – they’re clucking great! They’ll be in delivery packs from April 1st but, there are only 100 available so, don’t be a fool –  hop to it and order your next print project with us today.

Brain feeling scrambled? Don’t worry. If you’re stuck for ideas, simply call us on 01332 418377 and we’ll do the thinking for you. How about your very own clutch of branded eggs?

March into April showers with branded brollies

Spring has sprung and with it, comes the unpredictability of our great British weather but there’s no need to fear because we’ve got you covered with our eggstravagent offer:

Start creating your own brollies – email the Print Angels today!

 Take Stock!

 I’m using my printer to put jokes on   the labels of Oxo cubes.

It’s become a laughing stock!

When was the last time you updated your business plan?
Business plans are not just to show the bank manager. They are an ever-changing document to help keep you motivated. Tip: Keep a copy on your desktop to help maintain focus & achieve your goals.

We had a flippin’ good February

In true Print Angel fashion, pancake day was celebrated in style with tasty takeaway pancakes from The Docks.

Here’s our very own Yvonne, with Hannah from The Docks, collecting a box load of treats for The Print Angels. We chose a variety of fillings – Katie had Bacon and Maple Syrup, Lee decided upon Banana and Nutella and Yvonne went with the classic lemon and sugar. Delicious!

“Life isn’t about waiting for the storm to pass…It’s about learning to dance in the rain.” Quote by Vivian Greene

And to dance in the rain, you’ll need a brolly – order your corporate rain covers today!
Click to start creating your own brollies

Derby’s Print Evangelist reveals 8 great tips to business wellbeing

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When I started Essential Print Services in 2011, I knew I had a lot of hard work ahead of me, but I’m one of those strange people that enjoy working hard.

If I need to get up mega early or ‘pull an all-nighter’ to get the job done – I will do. It feels like an adventure, rather than a chore.

From reading business books and blogs, apparently, these are traits of an entrepreneur – although, I still do not consider myself to be one.

There are some things, however, that have taken me by surprise. So, here are some pieces of advice that I wish someone had told me when I began my journey.


1. There’s no ‘off’ button

Some people have said to me, ‘you’re all about business – do you ever stop?’ My response; ‘the brand never sleeps’. I have no co-directors, no shareholders, no angel investors. If I’m not keeping an eye on potential threats and opportunities, then who is?

For me, my business is a way of life. Wherever I go, I spot opportunities for myself and for others. If something catches my eye and I think it will benefit a business buddy, I’ll take a copy and send it to them.

I can’t look at a flyer, brochure, or poster without thinking of ways that the advertiser could have improved it or even giving praise on a good job, even if it had been printed by a competitor.

If I meet someone who I believe will be a good contact for a client, I’ll make that introduction without hesitation. Many people spot connections for others and have every good intention in taking action, but they procrastinate – why? The moment passes and that connection never takes place – it’s such a waste. Use your mobile devices to make it easy to connect people and do it right away.


Yvonne Gorman from Derby

2. Bright ideas in dull places

Lightbulb moments will arrive in the strangest of places and times; in the shower, car, waiting for a coffee. So, I always have a notebook to hand.

I knew I couldn’t be the only one experiencing this so I created a ‘DoodleBook’ – it has been specifically designed to contain all your lightbulb moments in a structured way.

To request a free, limited edition DoodleBook from Essential Print Services, simply drop us a line;


3. Customer service comes from within

I believe you’re either good at customer service…or you’re not. You’ve got to have a genuine desire to help people in order to provide exceptional service. It really must come from your core. You need to be the sort of person who likes carrying out random acts of kindness and expect nothing in return.

Now I have my own company – customer service is extremely personal. If, on the rare occasion, something doesn’t quite go according to plan, it’s no one else’s fault but my own.

I try to put myself in the shoes of my clients and treat them how I would want to be treated. I try to surprise them and exceed their expectations at every opportunity.


4. The Happiness Zapper

I work long hours and any time I set aside to relax and have fun is so precious. When I do get some downtime, I spend it celebrating my little victories and doing things that makes me happy.

The more that time goes on, the easier I can spot a ‘Happiness Zapper’ a mile off. I’ve also heard people refer to them as ‘mood hoovers’ or ‘time bandits’. You know the ones; the people who gossip, people who are generally negative and can suck the life out of you. The sorts of people who will moan about their situation and will do nothing about it. The people who, after any time with them, you feel drained.

I can’t comprehend settling for anything less than a happy state of mind. If you can’t remove these negative people completely from your life, at least set a limit to how long you spend with them and take control of your precious time and energy.



5. Step out of your comfort zone – it’s where the magic happens

It may come as a surprise to some people but I’m actually quite a shy person. I have to really psych myself up to make difficult phone calls or to go to networking events. But some of my most rewarding and exciting experiences have been when I’ve trembled with nerves and the outcome has been amazing.

In January 2014, after visiting Downing Street as a Small Business Saturday top 100 business, I was asked to be a panelist on stage at Derby Theatre for the Marketing Derby Annual Business Event. Even though the ‘shy Von’ was screaming ‘no way – I’m not doing that’ the ‘business Von’ said yes and went about working on how on earth I was going to cope. When I walked up the stairs onto the stage, I remember my knees trembling. But true to form, with the help of my colourful jacket, I took the ‘swan’ approach – controlled on the outside but going crazy on the inside. It was a really fab experience and people still speak about how memorable it was.

An equally gut-wrenching time was when I was invited to the ITV Studios in Birmingham to be a panelist for their West Midlands news, hosted by the legendary Bob Warman. Again, with the help of my ‘techni-colour print coat’ I got through it. It was awesome and great exposure for my company.


6. A contra deal is the real deal

Another way I like to help, particularly start-up and young businesses, is by agreeing to contra-deals. I learned very early on to put in writing, exactly what both parties will do for each other and to set expectations.

I had a scenario whereby, I agreed to exchange services with someone and when the project ended, I thought, ‘that wasn’t quite what I had expected’. After keeping my end of the bargain and even exceeding their expectation, the product I received wasn’t quite good enough and I felt a little short changed. So I quizzed the other party about it and their reply was, “I didn’t give you the proper service because you weren’t paying for it” – WHAT?!

A contra-deal, an exchange of services, pro bono – whatever you want to call it, it’s still a business deal so treat it as though you were both getting paid for the services. At the end of the day, they’re a real client so don’t cut corners and give the participants exactly the same service as though they were a paying customer. They may end up being a client and if they are thrilled with your products or services, they’re bound to refer you.


7. Stay focused & flourish

There has been no end of times when I have focused on something like, “I’d like more business card orders this week” and hey presto! More orders arrive. Or, “I’ve not heard from Mr Widget for a while” and guess who is next to call the office? Mr Widget!

Some of you who are reading this will know what I mean. Some of you will think I’ve gone completely off my rocker. Either way, I’ve experienced it and it happens a lot, so stay focused and be patient, it will happen.


8. There is greatness in every day

If you’re running your own company and you have days where you feel like giving up – this is normal. But whatever you do, DO NOT give up.

At the time of writing this article, I have been running my company for five years (1825 days) and I’m pleased to report that I’ve ONLY had three wobbly days.

What’s my secret?

At the end of a fantastic day in the office, I write down a few positive experiences in my ‘DoodleBook’.

Here’s an example of some of the things I write:

• Today felt like it had a good balance
• I had lots of fun in the office today
• We received a record number of testimonials
• A client jumped up & down with happiness when they received their flyers
• My company was in the newspaper today
• My team did a great job on a brochure project

When I feel down, or I question my abilities, or someone has knocked my confidence, I refer to my book and remind myself why I get up in the morning and continue to be a Print Evangelist. Tar dah!

If you’d like to discuss any of the above points further, feel free to give me a call on 01332 418377. I’d love to hear about your positive experiences or to try and help you with any challenges you may be facing.

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