Fantastic Review for Derby’s Print Angels and Mini Easter Bunny

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Just received an emergency delivery of business cards – not only that, but gifts & chocolate as well! I love the mini Easter egg Yvonne Gorman many thanks to you & the Print Angels at Essential Print Services (and the mini Easter bunny!!)

Claire from Catena Network, Nottingham

Every time we receive a testimonial, it’s like a virtual hug.

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6 Super Print Tips

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1) Printing is like chocolate – make it last and enjoy it
If you’re going to invest time and money in producing a brochure or leaflet, don’t include information that may give it a short shelf life unless the piece is being produced for a one-off event. Avoid ordering hundreds of brochures only to change your telephone number a couple of weeks later.

2) Design & text – Less is more
Unless you’re printing a fact sheet or catalogue, let imagery and graphics do all the talking and keep text to a minimum. From our experience, customers prefer to browse and look at pretty pictures than reading endless amounts of text.

3) Pictures paint a thousand words
Just because you have a camera, doesn’t make you David Bailey. If your images are poor quality, choose a professional. This will save you time and achieve the best results. If you don’t know any good photographers, we know plenty!

4) Show me the paper! Request samples.
Any credible print company will be happy to provide you with paper samples free of charge. We have our very own swatch books, which are available free of charge, you simply need to ask us for one.

If your order is being digitally printed, then most of the time, you can request a printed mockup on the actual stock before you go to print. This way, there are no nasty surprises. Sometimes, there might be a small fee for this but if your order is worth a lot to you, then it will be well worth it.

5) Order the essentials
Essential Print Services was created on the firm belief that you should only use and order what you need. OK, it doesn’t cost that much more to get double the quantity. But if you don’t send out the extras, then they are a false economy. It makes us very sad when we hear people say, “I ordered 1000 flyers but 500 are sitting in a cupboard and are now out of date”.

6) There is no such thing as a silly question
If you’ve received a quotation and you’re unsure about the weight of paper or technical information, ask! Be certain about what you will receive. There’s nothing more disappointing than working hard on a lovely looking leaflet and expecting it to arrive on a heavy card but, it arrives on paper.

If you need advice or ideas, now or in the future, call us. We’d be delighted to talk to you or your contacts. What may be daunting or boring for you, is fun and exciting for us. So, make our day – and give me a call on 01332 418377.

Meet your Artwork Angel

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An Artwork Angel is someone who creates exceptional and memorable designs that will help your company attract new customers and encourage repeat business from your existing clients.

Meet the Artwork Angel

“I began my exciting adventure at Essential Print Services in January 2015 and haven’t looked back since.

All the way through school I found that Art was my strongest subject and I spent my A Level years in the art block enjoying every moment. It was this creative flare that made me decide to do Interior Architecture at the University of Brighton. Throughout this course I fell in love with Adobe and decided to head into a creative career.

After graduating I decided to go and see the world, travelling for six months through Thailand, Australia, New Zealand, Fiji and America… trying my luck in Vegas to see if I could win enough money to do it all again.

When I returned, I worked for different companies doing all different aspects of Marketing including Events and PR, but always craved a career in design where I could learn and develop the design skills that I learnt during my degree.

Now I am fulfilling my dream, working with a fantastic team in an exciting and bustling company, working on a range of projects each completely different from one another. We work with a range of clients from all different industries, all with different requests and ideas. It is my job to ensure that the artwork I create represents your company to the highest standard and leaves your clients with you in the forefront of their mind.”

Would you bungee jump?
No way! I saw the view that you got from the top of the Nevis in New Zealand and that made my knees wobble.

What’s the first thing you notice about people?
Smiles… I love a good smile!

What was the last ‘tune’ you bought?
Take Me To Church by Hozier because it’s an absolute CHOOOOOON

Who’s your hero?
Iron Man, without a doubt

What’s your favourite food?
Marmite Pasta with loads of cheese ☺ I know it sounds odd, but it is yummy (Our Print Evangelist can vouch for it!)

Where is the furthest you have been from home?
New Zealand – it is absolutely beautiful and I would recommend it to anyone

One band you would love to see live before you die?
I would love to see ACDC

What’s the least favourite thing about yourself?
I have one odd thumb… I wouldn’t say I didn’t like it, but it’s a funny fact about me

What are your hobbies or interests?
I am a huge fan of dance! It’s been my new years resolution to join a class for 3 years and I hope that 2015 is going to be the year

What are your biggest fears?
Snakes for sure. The way they look and move just gives me the heebies.

Do you have Twitter?
Yes I do… you can find me – @artworkangel

Any pearls of wisdom?
Just a quote – “Success is where preparation and opportunity meet” Bobby Unser

I’d love to hear from you so drop me a line; or call 01332 418377.

Don’t be Blue – Meet our new Print Angel

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Happy Monday! Or is it?

Today is ‘Blue Monday’ – no, it’s not the day we celebrate New Order’s fantastic 80’s hit, but it’s supposed to be the most depressing day of the year. Booooo!

Here at Essential Print Services we are even happier than ever because we have a brand new Print Angel. We are delighted to introduce Kathryn Towler!

KT Welcome E-shot Graphic

“Even when I attended the interview, I felt at home here. I am so thrilled at the prospect of becoming a Print Angel – I absolutely love print and so being able to contribute my ideas and enthusiasm is really exciting. Oh, and please call me Kat” commented Kathryn….sorry, Kat Towler.

“You have to be a certain calibre of person to be a Print Angel. You must have high standards, attention to detail and have the client’s best interests at heart, at ALL times. I’m confident that Kat has all these attributes and more! Can you remember what your first day at work felt like? Although we’re a friendly, tea-loving bunch, I encourage you to send Kat a message via email or Twitter @ArtworkAngel – I’m sure she’d appreciate the warmest welcome possible,” said Yvonne Gorman, who started Essential Print Services in 2011.

“The new addition to the team is yet another step in the right direction. Our expansion plan is coming to fruition and more positive print news will follow later in the year. I’d like to thank Print Angels; Laura Etheridge and Rebekah Lord for all their hard work and support – I’m really excited and energised about what 2015 has in store for us.”

So now we need your help to keep our Print Angels happy on this blue Monday. And there’s nothing they enjoy more than to help you with your print enquiries. So, email your ideas or quote requests over to or call 01332 418377 and we’ll do the rest!

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