Print Evangelist, Yvonne Gorman, joins Marketing Derby Board of Directors

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The award-winning Investment Promotion Agency, Marketing Derby Ltd, has extended its Board of Directors with four key new appointments.

Our very own Yvonne Gorman joins fellow newbies; Howard Ebison, Commercial Director at East Midlands Airport, Cllr Chris Poulter, Leader of Derby City Council and Mo Suleman, Director of Resources at Derby Museums Trust – all have joined as non-executive directors.

The board represents a wide wealth of knowledge and provides Marketing Derby with governance and strategic oversight to support their mission in raising Derby’s profile with investors to attract jobs and investment. To date over 4,500 jobs and £300m of investment has been attributed to the company’s activities which include their iconic Embassy events and innovations such as the London Ambassadors Club.

All of the board members share a passion for the economic development of the area, representing Bondholders and supporting Marketing Derby in upholding their company values of being pro-active, making a difference and thinking Derby and Derbyshire first.

“I’m Derby, born and bred and so, having this opportunity to represent my city and to contribute towards its economic success is absolutely thrilling,” commented Yvonne Gorman.  “This is a voluntary role and will not conflict with my commitment to Essential Print Services, in fact, I’m hoping my seven years of running a business will help towards the running of the city!” concluded Yvonne.

Chairman of the board Bob Betts commented: “These are four very important appointments bringing vital experience and new perspectives from sectors critical to our future well-being. They join a tremendous board of enthusiastic ambassadors for the area, with delivery supported by a fantastic executive team.”

For more information about Marketing Derby and to see the full Board of Directors, visit


Print Evangelist, Yvonne Gorman joins Marketing Derby on the Board of Directors

Print Evangelist, Yvonne Gorman joins Marketing Derby on the Board of Directors

Can’t find what you’re looking for? Call 01332 418377

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Here are a few questions we are asked the most:

Q: What’s your minimum order quantity? Can I have one of something?

“There are some items like large posters and exhibition stands, which can be produced as one-offs. Business cards and leaflets just aren’t cost effective to print individually. But, if you let us know what you’d ideally like, we can work around your budget.”

Q: I’ve been offered some last minute exhibition space – can you print quickly?
“Of course. Business cards, posters, leaflets and some brochures can be printed rapidly. The sooner you let us know the better, but by working together, there’s always something we can do.”

Q: Why do you have unusual job titles? What exactly is a Print Evangelist?
“Why not have a funky title? It helps us stand out from the crowd. The name, ‘Print Evangelist’ is simply a great way to express our enthusiasm for providing great quality print and helping our clients.”

Q: Do you just print brochures and leaflets or can you print promotional items too?
“Absolutely, our order book is varied. We print umbrellas, mugs, pens through to signage, large graphics and exhibition equipment. We love a challenge – so the more unusual the better.”

Q: Why should I use a company like Essential Print Services when I can get business cards for free off the internet?

“There’s nothing wrong with buying free print off the internet but what impression will that give to your potential customers? You get what you pay for but, quality doesn’t have to mean expensive. So, before you confirm your order with a faceless internet print provider, call us for smarter, better, fresher print.”

There’s no such thing as a silly question, only one that is not asked, so if you have a question for the Print Evangelist or Print Angels, simply email

Banish scary print experiences forever with our FREE Swatch Pack

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We understand how scary it can be choosing the right paper for your job. Even though we advise clients on what would be best for their order, it can still be a daunting process.

No longer will you be confused by paper weights and print finishes. The Print Angels are here with yet another fantastic solution – Swatch Cards! Read on to find out more…

‘What are swatch cards?’ we hear you ghoulishly cry. Well, they are filled with our most popular paper choices including:

+ Fab for printed flyers; 135g silk or gloss
+ Nothing better for printed newsletters; 170g silk or gloss
+ The best for printing folded flyers; 250g silk or gloss
+ Great for printed greeting cards; 350g silk or gloss
+ Brilliant for branded folders; 350g silk with a matt laminate
+ For luxury printed business cards; 450g silk with soft touch laminate
+ Shine like a star with 400g silk, matt laminated card with Spot UV
+ Perfect for those touchy-feely people amongst us; 380mic Pulpboard
+ Have a feel of the super-thick, 600g uncoated board
+ A desirable selection for printed desk pads; 100g bond
+ Lovely for printed letterheads; 120g bond
+ A cool choice for printed compliment slips; 170g bond
+ An excellent choice for exhibition graphics; 1mm PVC

Our laminates are not scary for the planet either because some of them are now biodegradable. Ask us about our earth-friendly laminates when you ask for a quotation.

The swatch booklet is a great reference to see exactly what kind of paper stocks are available. There may be papers and boards in there that you wouldn’t have considered using – it could really broaden your printing horizons.

Our Print Angels and Print Avenger have been working hard on these little booklets for our customers so, if you would like a free copy of our Swatch Cards, get in touch and a Print Angel will pop one in the post for you.

To request your very own free copy, call 01332 418377 or email the Print Angels. Let us know which ones you like the most.

Derby’s Print Evangelist reveals 8 great tips to business wellbeing

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When I started Essential Print Services in 2011, I knew I had a lot of hard work ahead of me, but I’m one of those strange people that enjoy working hard.

If I need to get up mega early or ‘pull an all-nighter’ to get the job done – I will do. It feels like an adventure, rather than a chore.

From reading business books and blogs, apparently, these are traits of an entrepreneur – although, I still do not consider myself to be one.

There are some things, however, that have taken me by surprise. So, here are some pieces of advice that I wish someone had told me when I began my journey.


1. There’s no ‘off’ button

Some people have said to me, ‘you’re all about business – do you ever stop?’ My response; ‘the brand never sleeps’. I have no co-directors, no shareholders, no angel investors. If I’m not keeping an eye on potential threats and opportunities, then who is?

For me, my business is a way of life. Wherever I go, I spot opportunities for myself and for others. If something catches my eye and I think it will benefit a business buddy, I’ll take a copy and send it to them.

I can’t look at a flyer, brochure, or poster without thinking of ways that the advertiser could have improved it or even giving praise on a good job, even if it had been printed by a competitor.

If I meet someone who I believe will be a good contact for a client, I’ll make that introduction without hesitation. Many people spot connections for others and have every good intention in taking action, but they procrastinate – why? The moment passes and that connection never takes place – it’s such a waste. Use your mobile devices to make it easy to connect people and do it right away.


Yvonne Gorman from Derby

2. Bright ideas in dull places

Lightbulb moments will arrive in the strangest of places and times; in the shower, car, waiting for a coffee. So, I always have a notebook to hand.

I knew I couldn’t be the only one experiencing this so I created a ‘DoodleBook’ – it has been specifically designed to contain all your lightbulb moments in a structured way.

To request a free, limited edition DoodleBook from Essential Print Services, simply drop us a line;


3. Customer service comes from within

I believe you’re either good at customer service…or you’re not. You’ve got to have a genuine desire to help people in order to provide exceptional service. It really must come from your core. You need to be the sort of person who likes carrying out random acts of kindness and expect nothing in return.

Now I have my own company – customer service is extremely personal. If, on the rare occasion, something doesn’t quite go according to plan, it’s no one else’s fault but my own.

I try to put myself in the shoes of my clients and treat them how I would want to be treated. I try to surprise them and exceed their expectations at every opportunity.


4. The Happiness Zapper

I work long hours and any time I set aside to relax and have fun is so precious. When I do get some downtime, I spend it celebrating my little victories and doing things that makes me happy.

The more that time goes on, the easier I can spot a ‘Happiness Zapper’ a mile off. I’ve also heard people refer to them as ‘mood hoovers’ or ‘time bandits’. You know the ones; the people who gossip, people who are generally negative and can suck the life out of you. The sorts of people who will moan about their situation and will do nothing about it. The people who, after any time with them, you feel drained.

I can’t comprehend settling for anything less than a happy state of mind. If you can’t remove these negative people completely from your life, at least set a limit to how long you spend with them and take control of your precious time and energy.



5. Step out of your comfort zone – it’s where the magic happens

It may come as a surprise to some people but I’m actually quite a shy person. I have to really psych myself up to make difficult phone calls or to go to networking events. But some of my most rewarding and exciting experiences have been when I’ve trembled with nerves and the outcome has been amazing.

In January 2014, after visiting Downing Street as a Small Business Saturday top 100 business, I was asked to be a panelist on stage at Derby Theatre for the Marketing Derby Annual Business Event. Even though the ‘shy Von’ was screaming ‘no way – I’m not doing that’ the ‘business Von’ said yes and went about working on how on earth I was going to cope. When I walked up the stairs onto the stage, I remember my knees trembling. But true to form, with the help of my colourful jacket, I took the ‘swan’ approach – controlled on the outside but going crazy on the inside. It was a really fab experience and people still speak about how memorable it was.

An equally gut-wrenching time was when I was invited to the ITV Studios in Birmingham to be a panelist for their West Midlands news, hosted by the legendary Bob Warman. Again, with the help of my ‘techni-colour print coat’ I got through it. It was awesome and great exposure for my company.


6. A contra deal is the real deal

Another way I like to help, particularly start-up and young businesses, is by agreeing to contra-deals. I learned very early on to put in writing, exactly what both parties will do for each other and to set expectations.

I had a scenario whereby, I agreed to exchange services with someone and when the project ended, I thought, ‘that wasn’t quite what I had expected’. After keeping my end of the bargain and even exceeding their expectation, the product I received wasn’t quite good enough and I felt a little short changed. So I quizzed the other party about it and their reply was, “I didn’t give you the proper service because you weren’t paying for it” – WHAT?!

A contra-deal, an exchange of services, pro bono – whatever you want to call it, it’s still a business deal so treat it as though you were both getting paid for the services. At the end of the day, they’re a real client so don’t cut corners and give the participants exactly the same service as though they were a paying customer. They may end up being a client and if they are thrilled with your products or services, they’re bound to refer you.


7. Stay focused & flourish

There has been no end of times when I have focused on something like, “I’d like more business card orders this week” and hey presto! More orders arrive. Or, “I’ve not heard from Mr Widget for a while” and guess who is next to call the office? Mr Widget!

Some of you who are reading this will know what I mean. Some of you will think I’ve gone completely off my rocker. Either way, I’ve experienced it and it happens a lot, so stay focused and be patient, it will happen.


8. There is greatness in every day

If you’re running your own company and you have days where you feel like giving up – this is normal. But whatever you do, DO NOT give up.

At the time of writing this article, I have been running my company for five years (1825 days) and I’m pleased to report that I’ve ONLY had three wobbly days.

What’s my secret?

At the end of a fantastic day in the office, I write down a few positive experiences in my ‘DoodleBook’.

Here’s an example of some of the things I write:

• Today felt like it had a good balance
• I had lots of fun in the office today
• We received a record number of testimonials
• A client jumped up & down with happiness when they received their flyers
• My company was in the newspaper today
• My team did a great job on a brochure project

When I feel down, or I question my abilities, or someone has knocked my confidence, I refer to my book and remind myself why I get up in the morning and continue to be a Print Evangelist. Tar dah!

If you’d like to discuss any of the above points further, feel free to give me a call on 01332 418377. I’d love to hear about your positive experiences or to try and help you with any challenges you may be facing.

What to put on a business card

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What to put on a business card

“What do I need to put on my business cards?” is one of the most asked questions at Essential Print Services.

After 18 years of creating artwork files for print, I must have supplied thousands of business cards proofs.

Using this experience, here are my top ten tips on what to include on a business card.

1) Your Name

If you’re lucky enough to have credentials to display after your name, ensure they are not the same size as your name – this can look overbearing and confusing.

Depending on the type of industry you’re in, you may want to consider displaying your nickname too. This will show your company’s personality and could create a valuable talking point at networking events.

2) Title

OK, so you may not be brave enough to use a nickname, so have a funky title instead. Here at Essential Print Services our business cards show:

Yvonne Gorman – Print Evangelist

Again, this depends on your audience and customers. I know an accountancy firm that call themselves ‘Bean Counters’ which I think is really cool. But would a really serious client with no sense of humour appreciate that?

3) Logo

Think of your business card as the door to your company so display your logo somewhere prominent. People’s focus usually starts in the top left of a screen or document so that’s where your logo could be.

If your logo doesn’t explain what your company does, then ensure you make it clear somewhere on your business card – don’t leave your reader guessing. Spell it out for people.

4) Contact details

Firstly, ALWAYS include your website address somewhere, because if all else fails, people can visit your site for more information.

If you’ve given someone your business card, they’ll expect to get in contact with you directly and quickly using the information on your card. If you give them a landline, which takes them on a wild goose chase around your phone system, people may get frustrated and give up; ‘Press 1 for Sales, Press 2 for accounts etc. “Aarrghh I just want to speak with Bob! Give me Bob now!

Decide how you’d like new contacts to get in touch. If you prefer people to call your mobile, rather than your main landline, then just put your mobile number. If people want your landline, they can always find it on your website (make sure they can). If you really want to put your landline somewhere, then make your mobile number bigger and bolder.

If there is space, include your email address. If your email is really long because of your name or domain name or both, then display it small. By ensuring your website is displayed somewhere, if people struggle to read your email, they can refer to your website address, which should have the same domain name. If they’re not the same – why not?

Avoid using “” with “”. This looks unprofessional. Ask yourself (or the company that hosts your email) why don’t I have, “”?

More and more so, we are receiving business card files that have no physical address on them. This makes sense if people work from home and don’t want people turning up to their home whilst they’re making the tea in their Superwoman Pyjamas (sorry, that’s just me). But if you’re trying to create a perception that your company is more established, including a location at least would be useful.

So rather than: 2 Victoria Way, Pride Park, Derby DE24 8AN
You could try: Pride Park, Derby

Fax? What is a fax? Be honest, when did you last hear the fax machine ring? Of course, if you’re a solicitor, you may need to include it but if you can, then leave this off.

Do you use Social Media for your business? If yes, then include the identities of social media platforms on your business cards. Use the ones you actually use or receive the most engagement from your audience. There’s no point including platforms like ‘Pinterest’ or ‘Google+’ if you have no intention of using them.

Social media icons and identities can take up a lot of room. Your business cards are ‘prime advertising space’ – so use it wisely.

Here at Essential Print Services, we evaluated the return on investment from our social media activities and found that we had the least amount of engagement with our audience on Facebook. So when I was designing our new business cards and I had no space for a fifth social media identity, I knew which one I could afford to leave off.

I would advise you to include which account you want people to follow or ‘like’. Don’t leave it to chance. If you have a personal and business account, ensure people know to follow your business account. Do you really want a really important business prospect following your personal account and seeing what you did at the weekend?

How to display your social media identities on your business card. 

Here are the three most popular ones:

For Facebook, use the icon and then @essentialprint
Avoid using the whole URL (i.e., this will take up too much space.

For Twitter, use the icon and @essentialprint

For LinkedIn, use the icon and ‘Your Name’ or ‘YourName’. People will search for you anyway. This works if you’ve claimed your personal URL.

If you print the icons, don’t manipulate them. At the end of the day, they are someone else’s property. I know I wouldn’t appreciate it if someone changed my logo without permission.

Ensure these identities ARE correct and the ones you’ve definitely registered – don’t guess them. They could belong to someone else (heaven forbid).

Check that they all work before going to print. In fact, CHECK EVERYTHING BEFORE APPROVING YOUR PROOF.

5) Services & Products

Only if you have space, then include a handful of bullet points about how you can benefit customers. A short sentence should do the trick.

6) Font Size

I have seen text so small on a printed business card that I have struggled to read it. At the same token, I have received cards where the name of the person is HUGE but the details are teeny tiny. Ensure your font size depicts the hierarchy of its information but no so that it looks disproportionate.

Depending on the type of font you’re using, try not to use fonts no smaller than 7pt.

If you’d like us to supply a FREE business card template for your business card, which helps show the font hierarchy, simply get in touch.

Here are a few more tips that you may wish to consider;

7) Buy what you need

Buying more cards than you actually need is a false economy. You’re denying yourself the opportunity to refresh your cards and update information.

If you buy thousands, you run the risk of becoming bored and disenfranchised with the content, this may even discourage you from giving them out. A new finish or trend of cards may arrive and then you’re left with hundreds or thousands of cards made redundant because you want to keep up with the times.

If you’re a start-up company purchasing your very first set of business cards, you may want to keep volumes low because of price. I’d recommend buying 500 cards for your first set. You’ll be amazed how many you’ll get through. Supportive family and friends will want a few each and before you know it, you’re placing a re-order.

Whenever you want to change the look or material of your business cards – always ask to see a sample of the card.

Once you’ve had your new cards printed, be sure to obtain honest feedback from people. You may think your new cards are the bee’s knees but is your message getting across correctly?

8) Material

You’ve set out what your card will look like, you’ve worked out how many you’ll need, now think about what type of card you’d like.

Our most popular is 400gsm weight with a matt laminated coating both sides. This makes the card durable and helps against them becoming dog-eared in handbags and pockets.

The price of Spot UV business cards has reduced dramatically in recent years and here at Essential Print Services, we can offer Spot UV on one side for just £25 +VAT more (for 500 cards). Spot UV is a shiny bit of film that can be applied to particular areas of graphics and images. UV works well when it is applied to the dark backgrounds. On light backgrounds, it is not very noticeable. Spot UV doesn’t work very when its applied to thin, small text either.

Here at Essential Print Services HQ, we LOVE round corners. Probably a bit too much. We can offer to round off the corners of your business cards for as little as £15 extra +VAT (for 500 cards).  We can round corner all the corners, just one, two or three! Or have a mixture. For more information about round cornered business cards, read out popular blog post, “Give your full colour printing the edge”.

If you’d like to see samples of any of the above materials, or would like a price list, simply call the Print Angels on 01332 418377 for a FREE sample pack.

9) There’s always two sides to every story… or a business card

Choose double sided, every time. It will give you the space you need to make the maximum impact and get your message across. Use surplus space to portray your corporate identity.

10) You only get one chance to make a first impression…

…so make it count. Choose quality business cards from a quality printer and Essential Print Services can certainly help you with this. We will help you decide what will be best for your image and budget.

Think about how you will hand out your cards. Will you hand it over considerately and take time over the exchange? Or just throw them out like confetti? Every aspect of this first encounter is crucial and will say a lot about you, and your business.

Invest in a decent business card holder. Giving out business cards that have been in your pocket for a while, that may be damaged and have bits of suspicious fluff on it, just isn’t good enough.

Look after your cards so that each one looks like it’s hot off the press. You must be proud to hand out any printed literature, especially your business cards so buy cards that you can hand out without hesitation. They could be the best investment you make.

If you need any further assistance with your business cards, or any print for that matter, chat with us online, call us on 01332 418377 or email


Updated: 5th March 2018

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