The Print Angel – Three months in.

Thank you for joining me for the fifth instalment of my Print Blog. September has gone frighteningly quickly and it’s been great! As you’ll know by now if you’ve been kind enough to follow my blog, I am the (not-so) new girl on the print block at Essential Print Services.

I’ve written other blog entries including A Week in the life of EPS Social MediaNetworking 2.0, a Challenge Anneka style blog and a Print Angel introduction; do feel free to pop along to those pages for a read.

What’s new with the Print Angel?

Considering I have now been working for Essential Print Services for 3 months, I thought I’d review how it’s been and what I’ve learnt. We could all do with a bit of a recap every now and again, couldn’t we?

I joined Essential Print Services in July, as most of you will probably know, Essential Print Services is preceded by it’s own reputation. So I was aware of the company and it’s place in the Derby business community. It was both exciting and nerve wracking knowing that I was going to be playing a part in that. Could I keep up the exceptional service levels that Essential Print Services’ customers had come to expect and would now accept as the ‘norm’…?

Taking on the role of a ‘Print Angel’.

When the concept of my job title was being discussed, ‘Print Angel’ was born. It fits perfectly with Yvonne’s title, the ‘Print Evangelist’ and as well as being really recognisable it also represents my enthusiasm for providing quality print and exceptional service.

The name has grown somewhat over the past 3 months and I regularly receive calls asking for the Print Angel and people have referred to me as the Print Angel on the networking scene too – two great examples of why job titles are so important. (You can read more about this in the Q&A section of our latest newsletter.)

Increasing my networking presence, one event at a time…

Networking was something I knew I was going to have to break into when I joined Essential Print Services. I was both nervous and excited about this prospect having never ventured into the networking world before.

Networking has both met and exceeded my expectations. It is incredibly powerful to see first hand the benefits that networking can have for your business. If you’re interested, you can read more about my networking escapades on my blog post entitled Networking 2.0.

Working at Essential Print Services…

So, let’s get to the nitty gritty. What’s it like to work at Essential Print Services? Well, no two days are the same… Monotony can be a tough thing to deal with in a job and it’s something I certainly never experience at Essential Print Services. Each day is jam packed with new enquiries, new and existing clients to speak to, new events to attend and new print jobs to deliver!

It’s challenging. I’m constantly forced to push boundaries, improve my skills and continually provide an ever increasing level of service to customers to ensure that they have an experience like never before.

It’s exciting. If you’re in a job where you are able to say that your days are exciting; you’re on to a winner. If you love what you do and it shows – that’s half the battle won and it’s something that I think has come across to everyone that I have met during my first three months at Essential Print Services.

So in summary, it’s been a blast! I can’t believe this post marks the end of my first three months at Essential Print Services. I wonder what’s next…

As always, I’d welcome any feedback or a quick ‘hello’ so email me at

Thanks for reading.

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