Your guide to smarter, better, fresher print – Part 1: Tip 1

After speaking to a number of my clients about their experiences with other print companies, I have compiled a three-part blog series which will help people through the print buying process.


Part 1: What to consider BEFORE asking for a print quote

Quite often clients will call and say that want something printing, but are unsure exactly what is available or possible for them. That’s fine by us at Essential Print Services because we enjoy guiding our clients through their requirements, but not every company is that lucky to have that sort of relationship with their print supplier.

Dedicated Print Buyers are few and far between nowadays so print buying has been delegated to other departments. The employees tasked with the company’s print buying, are very good at their job (i.e. Designer, Marketing Executive, Office Manager or Receptionist) but they could be unsure and inexperienced about the print process.

Quite often I find these people reluctant to ask questions for a fear of being perceived as not good at their job, then they don’t understand why the job returns not as they expected.

For those of you who run small businesses or who are sole traders, you may not have any option but to organise your company’s print yourself.

But how should you be expected to know about the Print Process?

How do you know what to ask for?

At the end of the day you are busy doing your own jobs in your own specialist fields. You’re not working with print all day every day like us at Essential Print Services and therefore, cannot be expected to remain up to date with the latest technologies and to know what is possible within timescales and print methods.

Asking for the right thing and being more assertive with your print needs can lead to more effective marketing literature, therefore increased chance of return on investment (ROI) and may even lead to a better relationship with your print supplier.

So whether you’re a Designer, or an Office Manager, before you make that call to a printer, read our ‘Top 6 Print Tips’. But remember; include Essential Print Services during your print tender, because by guiding and advising you, we’ll ensure you’re getting the best deal possible.

Call us on 01332 418377 or email and we will be delighted to discuss your options.

Over the next few days I will be posting my ‘Top 6 Print Tips’ – be sure to subscribe to this blog to remain up-to-date.

Day One


TIP 1) What would you like?

Think about what product will best suit your needs. If you have multiple products to showcase, then a brochure would be best. If you choose a brochure or a catalogue, how many pages will you need? But remember; most stitched (stapled) brochures can only be made up in 4 pages at a time (i.e 4 pages, 8 pages 12 pages etc).

If you need something to give out at networking events, then business cards would be perfect. At Essential Print Services, it doesn’t cost any more to print your business cards double sided so really go for it – make the most of the extra space.

Still not sure? Download our free Promotional Print Checklist for inspiration.

In any case, call or email Essential Print Services on 01332 418377 or and we will be delighted to discuss your options.

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