Why it is easier to approve printed proofs

Here at Essential Print Services, we love receiving printed newsletters in the post, especially from ‘Keep Me Posted’ – a campaign that allows the consumer to choose how they receive important information from big organisations.

Check out three of our favourite facts from the newsletter:
1) Reading from paper requires 21% less mental effort than from a screen.
2) 83% state a clear preference for reading complicated documents on paper.
3) Almost 1 in 10 adults (4.8m) UK adults have never used the internet.

Going back to point no. 1; some of our clients do struggle to proof read their flyers and brochures on-screen. You must have experienced this at some point yourself, especially when you’re tired or distracted.

Recently, we had a call from a lady who’d like 50 copies of a 200-page book printing – this is not a problem for Essential Print Services. We can print books of all shapes and sizes. Using our client’s word document, we also helped them create print-ready files for the text and the cover.

When it came to proofing the PDF, we found that after each proof, the client spotted more and more things, even though they had supplied the artwork themselves. How could this be?

From reading the ‘Keep Me Posted’ newsletter, we now understand why this was happening – the client had never printed out the pages.

Who would? There are 200 A5 sheets in this printed book. Not many people are going to print 200 sheets at home or in the office, certainly not all at once.

Our lovely new customer was obviously finding it difficult to read all of their text on-screen. Once we recognised this, we decided to produce a printed proof, free of charge* so they could spend some quality time having a proper read. They were so grateful and made future amendments so much easier.

The moral of the story is; printed proofs may cost money to produce, but, the job will cost even more if errors remain unnoticed and you have to print it twice!

Here are some hints and tips on how to approve a proof read >>> “How to approve a proof”

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(*Whenever possible, we do offer free printed proofs. If the printed proofs require specialist finishes or papers, we will ask for a contribution towards the costs).

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