Your guide to smarter, better, fresher print – Part 1: Tip 4

Part 1: What to consider BEFORE asking for a print quote

Day Four

TIP 4) How many?

Quite often you will see print quotes that include the quantity you asked for, plus, a higher quantity or the next ‘price break’. And more often than not, it doesn’t cost that much more for double the quantity.

But don’t be fooled. You will only feel the advantage of this saving, if you actually use the extra quantity.

It’s a false economy to buy double and pay a bit more, only to find that something on the literature needs changing and you’re left with 2 boxes of folders or business cards that can never be used. (Remember to dispose of your unwanted print responsibly and recycled wherever possible.)

a) Calculate how many people you are most likely to send the literature to.
We all have good intentions of sending regular mailshots, but how many are you actually going to get round to sending. Set yourself a goal and stick to it. Its more cost and time effective to say, “I will send 30 personalised letters with a brochure every month to the right person” and actually do it, than it is to say “I will send 100 mailers every week” and not do it.

b) How many sales people do you have in your team? How many business cards, brochures or leaflets will each one need for the next 3-6 months? Purchasing smaller amounts of printed brochures more frequently will give you the chance to update information and products. With updated literature, you have another excuse to contact your client, “Hello Mr Super Client, can I send you an updated catalogue?”

c) If you’re buying letterheads or compliment slips, work out how many you used over the past 3 months, 6 months AND 1 year and ask your print supplier for those three quantities.

d) Whatever you are about to order, stop and check to see if there are any details likely to change within the next few months? Are you moving premises? Having a re-brand?

Whatever the quantity, whatever the product, having a good relationship with your print supplier will allow you to bounce ideas off them. If you’re not getting the response you want from your usual supplier or would like a more proactive printer, then call Essential Print Services on 01332 418377 and we will discuss your ‘print needs’ and ‘print wants’.

Can’t wait for the next tip? Email me now at, quote “Send me my Top 6 Print Tips” and I’ll send you the entire first part straight away.


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