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Welcome back to my Print Blog! For those of you who were kind enough to read the first installment, you will know that I am the new girl on the print block at Essential Print Services and I am writing about all of the weird and wonderful experiences that I will have along my journey of discovery in the print industry.

In my last blog I explained why I was drawn to the print industry specifically and the excitement and trepidation that comes with such new experiences. As expected, I have a number of experiences to tell you about!

Here’s my favourite from the past week…

It was an ordinarily busy Tuesday in the Essential Print Office and at around 4:40pm – the time where you are desperately trying to finish your open tasks for the day – the phone rang and the caller was a very nice man from a large local company in Derby who had some very important CAD drawings that he needed to deliver to a client first thing in the morning. No problem, I thought, we can have them ready in the morning; this will be an easy one.

But when the gentleman said first thing – he meant it! There was no time to complete this job in the morning; he was going to need 8 x A2 CAD drawings printed in the next hour. Now for those of you who don’t know, A2 is a rather large print size. Of course The Print Evangelist never likes to turn down an opportunity to overcome an obstacle and suddenly I felt like we were on an episode of ‘Challenge Anneka’!

Now if you’ve never seen Challenge Anneka, firstly let me say that you missed out on a fantastic BBC One show between 1989 and 1995 (where were you?) whereby Anneka Rice was given tasks to complete within a certain period of time with no knowledge of the task before it began and she would have to organise it’s completion by a certain deadline.

Suddenly, I was transported back to 1995 and the episode was in full swing. We needed to print – and we needed to print, fast. We didn’t have a helicopter, which I think you’ll agree was a rather unfair advantage from the offset, but we did have a steely determination and a deadline to meet.

So did we manage to complete this job without a hitch? Absolutely. Not only that, we had the print ready for collection along with some Haribo and a smile at 6:05pm. Phew!

The Moral of the Story.

So the moral of this story is that it’s never too late to contact the ‘Essential team with your print requirements!

As always, I’d welcome any feedback or a quick ‘hello’ so email me at

Thanks for reading.

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