A Beginners Guide to the Best Business Signage

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Someone once said, “a business with no sign, is a sign of no business”.

Having no printed company signs, or lack of visual branding will affect your bottom line.

First impressions count, so what does your signage say about your business?

If you’re a business owner, you probably love your company and hopefully your workforce loves it too. But unless you’re representing it in the best way possible, others may see it a bad light.

If you’re reading this in your place of work, let’s take this opportunity to take a fresh look at your company’s signage. Take a note of these questions and go outside and see what it looks like.

1) AGE:
How old are the signs? Do they look weathered or brand new? Could they do with a bit of a clean & tidy up?

What material are they? A flexible PVC banner or a rigid board? If its made out of something else, what is it?

How is the printed sign attached to your building? Drilled in permanently or tied on in some way?

What other areas of your building or your grounds could be utilised for advertising? Are the existing signs in the right place – can people easily see them from the roadside? Are there any obstructions?

5) Looking at the existing signage, IS IT CRYSTAL CLEAR WHAT YOU DO?

There’s no time like the present so go now!

OK, now you’re back – good. How did you get on?

If your answer is, “we don’t have any printed signage at all” – then stop reading! Instead, pick up the phone and dial 01332 418377. If you’re based in shared offices or sub-letting, you may not be able to install external printed signs – even so, we can work together to form a clever way to get your company noticed.

If you already have some sort of signage outside, let’s go through your possible options and what you may like to consider doing next.

1) AGE:
If your existing signage looks old and worn out, its not going to portray a professional image so make it your task to get a new one. Could you re-use any of the materials or fixings to keep costs down?

If your signage simply needs a good clean, then make arrangements to give it a good wipe the next time the weather is fine.

If you have a rigid sign installed and it still looks clean, relevant and fresh – great! You’re on the right track.

If you have a flexible PVC banner, your sign could look like a temporary measure. Potential clients may think you won’t be around for very long and may not have the confidence to buy from you. So if you’re planning to stay in the same office for the foreseeable future, then its time for an upgrade. Your company deserves to look it’s best. Printed PVC banners are great for fairs and events – not great for permanent signage. (Unless you go to the expense of having a frame installed and the banner stretched).

Show your clients that you’re the real deal by investing in properly printed and installed display boards.

Is the sign safe? Will it withstand strong winds and other adverse weather conditions?
Perhaps one of the cable ties has broken and your printed PVC banner has started to move about – take this opportunity to tie it up….now.

Don’t hide away or become the best kept secret! You want to become more noticeable – you could complement existing signage with printed swing signs or branded car park signs. An A-Board on the pavement or roadside could help with directing people to your reception area, but ensure you do not obstruct pedestrian access. A simple ‘Goods Inwards’ sign could help delivery drivers find their way to the correct area.

Does your sign say exactly what your company does? Are the graphics bright, bold and easy to read? How far away do you need to read the sign?

Information you may include on your sign;

a) Your company logo

b) Telephone number – because if no one answers the door, the visitor can call to gain your attention.

c) Website address – if people are just driving by and notice your company, they may not have time to visit you straight away and wish to check you out online at a later date. They may think your signs are interesting and want to learn more about your company.

d) What do you do? If this isn’t clear from your logo and website address, and if there is space to do so, it is worthwhile including 2-3 bullet points about your services or products. You never know who could be walking by that needs your help. Your next client could be right on your doorstep so make it obvious what you do to your neighbours.

In some instances ‘its easier to seek forgiveness than it is to ask for permission’ – installing signage isn’t one of those instances. Just because the tenant before you had a sign installed doesn’t automatically give you authority to replace it. Always seek permission to install new signage. Check your lease or ask your landlord before you go ahead with the production process and always obtain permission in writing.

There are lots to think about when it comes to signage so be sure to talk to us about all the available options. We can create visuals and advise you on what substrates will fit in your budget and make your business, look the business!

Cleverly produced signage doesn’t have to cost the earth, but you must be willing to invest in making your company look great.

If  you would like advice or ideas about your Business Signage, please don’t hesitate to contact The Print Angels on 01332 418377, or chat to us online at www.essentialprintservices.co.uk.

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