Wall Planners 

Want to get ahead of the game in the new year? Printed wall planners are the perfect addition to any office.

They are an excellent Christmas gift for your clients and a great way to keep your brand and contact details in front of your customers for 365 days.

Use them to plan holidays, shift patterns or important dates throughout the year.

The Print Angels love a well-printed wall planner because organised fun is definitely the best type of fun!

If you have a design ready to go, please take the time to check the dates and ensure that holidays are on the correct days. We understand that it can be a mind muddle to map out the following year. Don’t worry, if you need us to, we can give it the once-over.

Wall planners don’t cost the earth. To the right, are some example prices, which are valid until 22nd December 2017. If you’d like prices for more or less, for bigger or smaller, request our WallPlanner Price List.

If you want a personalised wall planner but don’t know where to start, then look no further! The Print Angels are the Queens of organisation and we would love to help you create your perfect planner or printed calendar.

For perfect planner tips or a quotation call the Print Angels today on 01332 418377 or chat to us online.

Do you have projects to plan? We can print 50 generic calendars with your logo on for you to use as critical paths, to make your deadlines visible in the office and see how your specific project is progressing. Once the project is over, shred your old one and use a fresh calendar.

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