Ready to print?
If you’ve already had a quote from us, or you simply want us to check your files before they go to print, simply use our FREE File Upload Service. This facility will take any files up to a total of 50mb.

File Formats
We can accept a number of different files, however, from our years of print experience, the file format that we believe works the best for print is a Portable Document Format (PDF).

If you have more than three files to send, simply put them all in a folder, Zip or Compress the folder and upload that one folder.

We’re here to help:
If you need help or assistance uploading files or creating a PDF (or any file for that matter), just ask! Call us on 01332 418377 and we can either, talk you through it over the phone or create the file for you. Let us work together to make print look it’s very best.


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