Local Business Week – Von's Pick for Thursday

Happy Thursday. My top pick for Thursday’s Local Business Week is; StreetwiseSubbie.com StreetwiseSubbie helps Specialist Sub-Contractors in the construction and engineering industries. On their website you will find resources and expertise that will ensure the wealth and financial security of a Specialist Contracting business. They can help overcome business problems whatever the size of business and whatever type of…

Top 10 Printing Tips from The Essential Team

Here are some of our top tips to help you make the most of your investment. Think of these as your first steps towards smarter, better, fresher print. Top Tips Summary: 1. Have a distribution plan 2. Set targets, monitor success 3. Keep in touch with neighbours 4. Remember your clients 5. Always be ready to market 6. Have a follow up strategy 7. Be different 8. Make it useful 9. Be proud of your print 10. Print is not expensive