Networking 2.0

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Thank you for joining me for the third instalment of my Print Blog. These last two weeks have gone really quickly and I’ve started to get quite busy building a lovely customer base, which makes the time absolutely fly by! As you’ll know by now if you’ve been kind enough to follow my blog, I am the new girl on the print block at Essential Print Services.

I’ve written other blog entries including a Challenge Anneka style blog and a Print Angel introduction; do feel free to pop along to those pages for a read.

What’s new with the Print Angel this week?

Well, this week I’d like to broach the topic of networking. I’ve never before been put into the networking world by an employer and when it came to having to attend a networking event to represent Essential Print Services, I didn’t quite know what to expect. I was given a brief: To create a 60 second pitch… Words that may well put fear into anyone’s heart. This means I have to stand up in front of a room of professionals and pitch who I am and what I do – ALL ABOARD, PANIC STATIONS!

For those of you who are new to networking, let me explain a little about the concept. Networking involves meeting like-minded professionals at weekly, fortnightly or monthly meetings in order to discover more about each other’s businesses.

Attention new networkers!

Do not, under any circumstances, confuse networking with ‘I need to sell my product/service to the room.’ This is the most important piece of advice I have been given about networking. It is more about getting together with fellow business professionals to share and discuss ideas and hopefully, passing business referrals. This is whereby you put businesses that may benefit from each other’s products and services in touch with each other – I prefer to think of it like being a fairy godmother of the professional world.

A common misconception and I speak from experience because it was very much one of mine, is that you might feel like networking is something for super-confident types who are great speakers and flawless presenters. Absolute nonsense. You’re not too shy to network…  All you have to be is comfortable with talking to other human beings about your business – if you’re not, you may now start to worry.

So, how did my first 60 seconds go?

Well, I’ll be honest I was shaking with nerves, I felt like I raced through it a little and my heart was beating a lot faster than usual. But I got through it! And in my own little way, I felt proud to have done it. Networking events are nothing like I thought they would be. Some of the groups I have attended, such as the Hallmark Business Group and Derby Hub, have been full of lively, dynamic and interesting individuals with a contagious passion for their business and some fantastic, innovative ideas to share. I find that these people are more than happy share advice too.

I’m not saying I don’t get nervous at networking events now, there’s always a touch of nervous excitement – but as soon as you realise that these events are full of people just like you who want to gain the same things from the events that you do, then you’ll be just fine. Sure, you can network online – but it can never completely replace getting out there, meeting people and building face-to-face relationships.

If you want to take your first step into networking, let me know and I would be happy to invite you along with me as a guest to one of the casual, no annual fee membership events that I attend. Or if you are a networking veteran and you’d like to extend me some further tips or words of wisdom, please do!

As always, I’d welcome any feedback or a quick ‘hello’ so email me at

Thanks for reading.

Challenge Anneka at Essential Print Services

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Welcome back to my Print Blog! For those of you who were kind enough to read the first installment, you will know that I am the new girl on the print block at Essential Print Services and I am writing about all of the weird and wonderful experiences that I will have along my journey of discovery in the print industry.

In my last blog I explained why I was drawn to the print industry specifically and the excitement and trepidation that comes with such new experiences. As expected, I have a number of experiences to tell you about!

Here’s my favourite from the past week…

It was an ordinarily busy Tuesday in the Essential Print Office and at around 4:40pm – the time where you are desperately trying to finish your open tasks for the day – the phone rang and the caller was a very nice man from a large local company in Derby who had some very important CAD drawings that he needed to deliver to a client first thing in the morning. No problem, I thought, we can have them ready in the morning; this will be an easy one.

But when the gentleman said first thing – he meant it! There was no time to complete this job in the morning; he was going to need 8 x A2 CAD drawings printed in the next hour. Now for those of you who don’t know, A2 is a rather large print size. Of course The Print Evangelist never likes to turn down an opportunity to overcome an obstacle and suddenly I felt like we were on an episode of ‘Challenge Anneka’!

Now if you’ve never seen Challenge Anneka, firstly let me say that you missed out on a fantastic BBC One show between 1989 and 1995 (where were you?) whereby Anneka Rice was given tasks to complete within a certain period of time with no knowledge of the task before it began and she would have to organise it’s completion by a certain deadline.

Suddenly, I was transported back to 1995 and the episode was in full swing. We needed to print – and we needed to print, fast. We didn’t have a helicopter, which I think you’ll agree was a rather unfair advantage from the offset, but we did have a steely determination and a deadline to meet.

So did we manage to complete this job without a hitch? Absolutely. Not only that, we had the print ready for collection along with some Haribo and a smile at 6:05pm. Phew!

The Moral of the Story.

So the moral of this story is that it’s never too late to contact the ‘Essential team with your print requirements!

As always, I’d welcome any feedback or a quick ‘hello’ so email me at

Thanks for reading.

Happy Wednesday from the ‘Essential’ Team!

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You’ve been brought here by our Wisdom Wednesday, thanks for scanning our QR code!

What are Quick Response Codes? (QR Codes)

QR Code examples for printing - how to set them up

For those of you who have smart phones, which are iPhones, Blackberry or Androids etc, you can use your ‘app stores’ and download a free piece of software. Search for ‘barcode scanner’ or ‘QR Reader’. I can recommend AT&T for an iPhone but other readers are available.


The possibilities are endless. If you’re using different images on your cards, you may want to include a QR code which will take someone straight to the relevant page on your website. Or you can direct people to a special offer or event.


To create the code itself, I often use, but again, other QRC Generators are available. For more information on how QR Codes work or to use your QR Reader to scan the QR Codes above, download my FREE Business Card Info Sheet. Happy scanning!


The Print Angel at Essential Print Services

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As the new girl on the print block at Essential Print Services, I feel compelled to write a blog to record all of the new experiences that I will have in the foreseeable future as I start a career in the Print industry. Largely because it will be great for me to look back on for my own personal and professional development – but also because I thought it would be exciting to share those experiences with you.

So whether you’ve been in the print industry for years, you’re about to start your own career in a new industry or perhaps you just enjoy reading other people’s experiences; you are most welcome here.

A little bit of background to start off. My name is Laura, I am 27 and my career to date has been largely in Customer Service and Account Management.

So, why print?

Well most importantly I’m passionate about stationery, notebooks and quite simply. gorgeous print! I’ve always been an avid writer and I don’t mean text messages or emails… Good old fashioned pen to paper. I certainly don’t profess to be an amazing wordsmith but there’s something special about taking the time to create something, hold it in your hand and present it to someone else. Be it a personally written letter, a business card, a book – something that leaves a part of you with the person that you gave it to. To be in the knowledge that they can refer back to it whenever they might need inspiration, or someone to call.

Picture of Laura, The Print Angel at Essential Print Services

I’ve started writing this blog 2 weeks into my new position as ‘Print Angel & Consultant’ here at Essential Print Services, based on Pride Park in Derby. I thought it would be too much to start the blog on my first day when there was so much to take in.

I’m somewhat of a print obsessive, which is why I find the industry so compelling. What I don’t have currently though is the knowledge to underpin my print passion, which is why I am on a journey of discovery; to learn, to experience and share.

I don’t need to worry too much though because I share my office with a Print Evangelist; Yvonne Gorman, the owner of the business who has over 14 years of experience. She is always on hand to answer my many questions and show me the ropes. I doubted that I would ever meet anyone as enthusiastic about stationery as me, until I saw Yvonne hugging a box of letterheads that were fresh off the press. At that point I knew, I was in the right place.

So I begin this blog on a landmark day – my first customer order was completed and collected today.


I have to admit, I checked the Business Cards so many times it made my eyes hurt. Such is the importance of proofing reading, I didn’t want to take the chance that there might be a problem. Essential Print Services have somewhat of an unrivalled reputation for quality and attention to details and I didn’t want to let that slip, regardless of my limited experience.

It was really exciting to be holding something where I had a part to play in the initial discussion with the customer, the design, the printing, the proofing and the delivery – full circle! It felt good to be able to hand them over to the client. When they pulled out their phone to check the QR code on the Business Cards (which I’ll admit, I had obsessively tested about eight times…) I had butterflies. Of course, the QR code was fine and the customer was really pleased with their new Business Cards – phew!

I am looking forward to many more instances of being able to hand over complete orders that I have played such a big part in. It’s exciting to be able to take a design brief or a print ready design and turn it into something tangible that you know will be passed from hand to hand, every day.

So on that positive note, I’ll sign off for today. I look forward to my next installment of the blog where I will have many more print stories to tell you about.

But before I go, I’d welcome any feedback or welcome notes so email me at

Thanks for reading.

Printed Books

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The latest reading material at Essential Print Services’ HQ.

Someone once said, “if you’re not learning, you’re not earning”. Every day is a school day at Essential Print Services and with the arrival of three new books for the office, today is no exception.

If you have advice and tips to share with your contacts and customers, a printed book is a great way to become an expert inyour field. If marketed well, they can achieve a good return on investment too.

Quantities start from as little as 25, so if you’ve always wanted to see your name in print, contact us for a quote today on 01332 418377.

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